Week 66 – 67 – Spring arrived in Seoul & Tokyo

After returning from Hong Kong, I had an unexpected surprise last Friday afternoon – no weekly 7pm Friday call (to another time zone), the Saturday work schedule had been cancelled, and it was 70 degrees and clear skies. So we got a small group and headed out to an American BBQ place in Itaewon – Korean-American with a Alabama accent and some of the best BBQ I ever had. Because of the nice weather, many people out and I think I ran into everyone I knew in Seoul and by about 11pm the group had gotten larger and we had formed a “band” while at a LP Music Place (played real records from the 1960-1980’s) with people who actually had talent. By about midnight, with no other options, I was a potential lead signer but then we met a lady who was a contestant on “Asia Has Talent” and by 1am I was promoted to band manager. Probably better for me and the band.

Spend most of the last week in Tokyo – long days in a conference room so not much to report but Japanese still fascinated with the “Oklahoma Mixer”. Was sick most of this weekend and on the couch but was able to get out for a baseball game – best yet. Although we had bleacher seats where we had to sit in the stairs, by the 8th inning we had self-upgraded to much better seats – whether it is in Korea at 49 or flipping the fence at Skelly Stadium as a teenager, getting into better seats is always a thill.

This is the stairway from left field
Our upgraded seats

Random scenes

Crime is so low – the department store left the sidewalk sale out overnight
Had to take the tourist picture – one of my offices in in the direct background
A little american football in the park
Yet 50 riot police were in my building last week and never knew why.
My next hobbie – water skiing on the river. I hear it is $50/hr to rent a boat/ski per person.
Different area of town where a friend moved – villas instead of highrises with terrences and roof top gardens
OK – I locked us out on the roof and we had to scale down to that white landing then jump to a apartment deck…it worked.
View of Imperial Palace in Tokyo from our conference room…the following day a drone landed somewhere down there and caused quite a stir
I was so so excited – they were awful. The Cheetos were yellow – not orange.
No BS – round 10 down alot I hit 3 bullseyes to win $2

Translation Issues

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