Week 68 – 69 – Paul McCartney and Jeju Island

“Paul McCartney concert

Very amazing he is able to carry on at 73 with this show – similar to the show we saw in DC with some interesting aspects of it being in Korea:
• It was 95% Korean and a young crowd – and they knew the words to the songs. So it isn’t a hopeless future of K-Pop
• Rain ponchos were issued to the arriving crowd and everyone put them on
• Unlike baseball where food and beer can be brought in – none could be brought in and they had two concession stands for 80,000 people – very surprising
• A major diversion in the set list in the middle – songs from Sgt. Peppers I don’t recall and the crowd was signing Korean words…we were guessing from a kids show that used the melody
• Paul’s Korean is much better than mine
• People didn’t cheer for the encore…they spontaneously started singing Hey Jude again…when they came back on stage it threw them off and instead of going to the next song, went back to Hey Jude again
• And just like DC, struggled to get on the Metro in time…but the taxi ride was much closer.

JeJu Island

I had planned to go to Jeju Island with some co-workers a couple of weeks ago, but all of us ended up with work conflicts and then I had an unexpected Monday/Tuesday off so I went by myself for a couple of days. Jeju is the “Hawaii of Korea” and it is not a bad comparison – volcanic island with dramatic landscapes. Pictures attached.

Last fun for awhile…schedule to work or travel 16 of the next 18 days,”

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