Week 15 – Buddha Birthday and Translations

Last week I posted pictures of a protest for lack of government action on the ferry sinking at a festival – situation very sad and ultimately the prime minister resigned and maybe the president next. Very different than the situation in America – no one talked about it at work (except Expats) and all social events were cancelled for a period of mourning.  Because of Buddha’s birthday and May Day, a 6 day weekend materialized so I had always planned on coming back this weekend, but last Friday found out that I needed to attend meetings in Denver and NYC this week so rough couple of days but I ended up home earlier than planned – so it worked out OK. 

Views of displays downtown for Buddhas Birthday

Big weekend planned – Sharon off to LA to visit Alexandra for Mom’s day leaving Annelise and I to hang out for the weekend, hit Kentlands day, and catch up with friends. 

Translation events of the week-
I was on a phone call when someone yelled across the floor at me-
“Mr. Jarrett – Dankyung Kim first aid”
“Conference room”
So I headed over and asked what was wrong – “first aid”
As we were rushing down the hall, I asked – Did we call a doctor? – “no – why?”
Is she OK? – “yes – just need you so we can sing her the song”
I got to the conference room and Miss Kim was putting cake on to plates- it was her “birth day”.  Crisis averted.

And at a luncheon –
An expat colleague was explaining a polite way to avoid eating something that isn’t appealing. Just say “Not my favorite”. It works because Korean meals have 10 dishes – just pass and move on the next one.  We were at a luncheon and the food was coming out – a bowl of black pasta-looking stuff was served. I guessed boiled seaweed and the expat colleague started to dig in when a Korean colleague corrected me and said it was boiled silkworm – my expat colleague immediately had the gag relex and I calmly said “not his favorite”. We use that phase a lot now.

A couple of pictures from bike rides around town


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