Week 52 – Another New Years Hike

Week 52 – For those gifted at calendar math that is one year. So life is starting to repeat itself and the year started off with a New Year mountain hike and the issuance of Spam – just like last year. Same agenda for the hike, wish for “Safety for our workers and good finances”, 4 hours of hiking, and a long lunch & toasts (but with experience I paced myself knowing that the toasts would last for hours), and naps on the bus ride home. This year it was colder and we ran into many other companies on similar hikes – hard to see a US company sending everyone on a 2,000 ft mountain hike in sub-20F weather on icy trails with company issues spikes. It was clearer with better views this year. But again a great event with much camaraderie.

Last year, I thought that the prayers were to the pigs head….but found out that the pigs head is an offering. Based in Confusionism.
Quiet Serenity on the mountain – people in mass walking up and down icy rocks.
Group picture with some work colleagues
US Power Bar Vs. Korean Power Bar
Well wisher near the top
Lake from the top
Valleys south of Seoul from top of mountain
Note – drinking in bowls. It is Makoli (rhymes with Spicoli) and the traditional New Years food is duck bbq.
Found the storage bin for the Spam!! Each box has 18 cans. Expats did a lot of re-gifting – our doorman is very happy.

As for 2014, this adventure started 2 years earlier than we ever planned, but you can’t control other aspects of life. It was good to experience new places and cultures, but at the end of the day it all just makes you appreciate home more. It ended up being the second most I have traveled in a year – in 2000 visited more countries and had more trips – but much of that was with the family or with long-time co-workers while this year was much more on my own. So here is to 2015 and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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