Week 34 – 36 Octoberfest in Seoul

This is my first update from the new page – I changed on the recommendation of a couple people that I should figure out a way to organize the update better and I can be a little more politically incorrect now (but my mom is on here so it won’t be too bad) with a much smaller group.

Over the past three weeks, transitioned from Mexico back to Korea as a base with a longer than planned stopover back in DC. When you leave your passport in the seatback pocket it hampers your travel. I was lucky to track it down through the United lost and found but I started the process to get a replacement which would have been another week using an expediting company. I do not if it is post- 9/11 or that I do not work for an American company, but last time I had to get a new passport it took a couple of hours, not a couple of weeks.

We had a teambuilding session this week and as part of the session, you have to interview someone you do not know and give a 5 minute introduction speech (and they do likewise). Below is a short recap:
Me – what is your hobby?
Mr X – work
Me – anything else?
Mr X – I like sex phone
Me – Not sure you want to that share with everyone.
Mr X – It is ok, Mr. Y (another attendee) plays too and sometime we play with each other.
Me – (thinking way too much information is being shared) – For how long?
Mr. X – I just started, but Mr. Y teaches lessons.
Me – (figured it out) – You mean saxophone?
Mr.X – Yes – Sex phone.

I then explained how I misunderstood and he was horrified. But over Soju & Karaoke later in the evening everyone thought it was very funny and giving Mr. X and Mr. Y a hard time.

When to an Octoberfest –it was sponsored by “Germany” so it was a much bigger event than we thought it was going to be. Koreans and Germans drinking beer together – it was not for the faint hearted. Standard singing and contests – my favorite was “nail driving”. Some pictures attached. For the contests no constraints on nationality, except beer guzzling was limited to 50% German and 50% Korean citizens. Koreans swept them.

View of Octoberfest – several rooms in convention center



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