Weeks 90-91 Hiking and Busan again

Was a busy month with work deadlines and trips back for college weekends. But deadlines over and back to a regular schedule for awhile and trying to get some exercise in – my goal is 15,000 steps/day (yes – I have degraded to a step counter) now that I have more free time and the weather is good.

On trip to see Alex – just figured out my camera was a “selfie camera” and I am really not a selfie person, so have to have these 2. For clarity – this is other side of Pacific.
On visit to UGA – rainy day

Also took another trip to Busan, last time it was raining, this time perfect weather. Really a great beach city and gave us an opportunity to exercise.

I did ask to take a picture – they asked what they should do and I said “point somewhere”.

The dogs have clothes.

We were there for BIFF 2015. I was expecting preppy guys but it was the film festival.

Boat ride looking towards marina area
Hiking along coast from temple towards the city
Haeundae Beach looking towards marina area
Came across this beach on our hike – surfing cove. Lots of people trying – most were in a lesson. We were going to do it but decided on a leisurely boat ride instead.
Picture from Haeundae Beach – most crowded beach in the world in the summer.
Haedong Yonggungsa – built 800 years ago. Just north of Busan.
A hike up a nearby mountain – I almost made it down before it was dark
With “hiking group” in downtown Seoul on a jaunt
Post hike discussion section at a shader part of town
On a bike ride coming back to Seoul – you can see the mountains north of the city.

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