Weeks 103 -105 – Leaving Korea

Last update from Korea – completed my two years here and last day at work this Friday and flying out Saturday. Although work wasn’t as rewarding as I had hoped, it was an overall great experience as the Korean people were incredibly welcoming, both at work and in the community in general. It is amazing how much less stressful life can be when people are genuinely nice to each other. I also was fortunate to develop a network of Expat friends and I expect I will continue to keep in touch with both Korean and Expats friends in the future years. One thing Koreans (and Expats) are good at are going away events –had several. It has been a life changing experience and I will always be a strong supporter of South Korea and its people.

Going away with Expat friends from work – great concept, filet comes out raw then to BBQ it your self on a hot stone

As for me, I will be starting a new job in the U.K. in February with the objective of being split between the USA and Europe about 50/50 for the first six months then mostly USA. In the interim, I have a two-part trip planned; about 10 days backpacking through Southeast Asia on $100/day for air/hotel/food (between AirBNB, Air Asia, and $2 Pad Thai – this is very doable) then about a week in Bali at a beach resort. Sharon is joining me for one part of the trip– guess which part?

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