Week 38 – Pretty Mundane

Pretty mundane week – so have an older translation story that happened a while back. We were at a corporate event which had an opening safety/health topic with a German MC. Imagine a heavy German accent – “Today – we want to talk about your heath and getting vaccinated against the herpes. Herpes is something we all want to avoid – it will interfere with work and travelling and who wants that itching on a long flight or in a business meeting. It is OK to talk about the herpes, I caught the herpes from my brother or sister when I was about 8 and I assume most of you caught the herpes in the same way. I encourage you to get vaccinated today.”

Now – herpes is what people outside call the shingles and he was referring to catching chickenpox as a kid…I knew that at the time that is what he was referring too, but some of my U.S. colleagues were dumbfounded.

I was back in Korea for three weeks, longest I had been in one spot since April so started to get into a routine and decide to prepare dinner one night – I had my frosted flakes and milk and I was looking for a bowl and couldn’t find any. I kept looking until I remembered Alexandra, Annelise, and I were cleaning up before getting on a flight and had loaded the dishwasher with all of their cereal bowls – apparently we didn’t start the dishwasher so it was a bit ripe. So went to a sushi place downstairs after I threw away all the contents of the dishwasher. Maybe when I get back to Korea I will try food preparation again.

Best sign ever. I had to visit the U.S. Embassy and U.S. Citizens truly had an express line for services.
The beach VB final was held at Songdu Global University, which has branches of George Mason, SUNY, Univ of Utah, and several European universities

Back in DC this week – so I will see a lot of you next week.





Leaving Incheon on 10/3 – between Korean holiday and Asian games – longest security line I have ever seen. About 1 hr 40 minutes. And it is much better set up than a U.S. airport. just a lot of people

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