Week 309 – Jaco

We weren’t on a timetable so we stopped in several places – one was Hermosa Beach which is renowned for its volcanic black sand beaches.  We parked and had miles of beach to ourselves – it was about 95 degrees and we walked out on the beach.  It was clear why we had the beach to ourselves – black sand in midday sun is freaking hot.  Especially when your feet sink in a couple of inches as we were running to the grassy area of a hotel. 

Hermosa Beach

We checked into our $30/night AirBnb hostel – it was great.  Private room, clean, great host, and 5 minutes to the beach and 10 minutes to the main restaurant strip.  Although not as fancy of a place to stay as Manuel Antonio, I liked it more. Jaco is much more of a party town and we didn’t have any problems finding a place to eat.  Even got to watch the second half of the NBA All Star game – was actually pretty great finish.

AirBNB and short walk to beach & to town

They also run a surf camp out of the same place – so if it is a bucket list item for you – Jaco and Tortuga Surf Camp would be a great place for you.  The beaches in Jaco are the same black sand, but because the water comes higher, the hot sand less of an issue.  It also has a very shallow break and the waves come in very consistent.  I didn’t take advantage of the surf camp – boogie boarding fine for me – falling is a lot less painful with your head 6 feet closer to the water.  No injuries = success. 

After quick checkout – back to San Jose to catch the flight to Panama City after a quick stop to look at the crocs and a river valley.


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