Week 192 – Igauzu Falls

After we got the passport situation squared away and properly checked into the “Iguazu Eco Hostel” things dramatically improved.

One of the seven natural wonders of the world.  I am lucky that right after I booked the framework of the trip I saw a post on FB with a friend at Iguazu Falls.  So we had to work that into the plan. The border with Argentina runs through the center of the falls and we stayed on the Brazilian side in a hostel.  First day was full day tour on Argentinian side (tour is almost required to get all the tickets/permits and faster access through border control).

It is a huge area.  At least a mile wide of waterfalls.  Similar in some ways to Niagara Falls with the geology and the formation, but much greener.  Pictures don’t do it just justice.

We mostly just hiked with the group but did take a boat ride.  A combination of Maid of the Mist and a Jetboat tour.  Except it went into the falls (not the biggest falls) – that wasn’t fun.  It was like getting shot with a power washer.  Close would have been good enough.  Still more stable than our water taxi in Buzios.  Great tour operator (especially since they helped us get Alex passport back!)

Link to Falls Vision Tours and Shuttle

Argentinian Side


Ride into Falls

Brazilian Side

On Sunday we rode bikes from the hostel to the Brazilian side.  We had low expectations because most of the falls are on the other side – but we were pleasantly surprised.  Had planned to put bikes on the bus for the return trip out to hostel, but a Marathon was finishing and bus line too long.  Although I was pretty beat riding the hills out, the people running opposite of me were on mile 24 so I couldn’t feel too sorry for myself.

First view coming into the park across the river to the Argentinian side
Walkway on Brazilian side


Overall – needs to be on your bucket list, along with Niagara Falls.

With regards to the Iguazu Eco Hostel.  Outside not picking us up as schedule it worked out pretty good as it was like going to camp and simple meals included.  Not too primitive, but not a lot of flash either.  Beds were effectively a 4×8 sheet of plywood with 2 inches of form and the only temperature for the shower was boiling hot.  But did have ability to do laundry and plenty of warning signs for snakes and spiders.

Link to Eco Hostel

After leaving mid-afternoon – it was a planned two hour taxi ride back across the boarder to catch our 17 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires.


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