Egypt – 1999-2001

After I moved to London in 1999, one of the projects in our business unit was near Alexandria with the design office in Cairo and I had 9 trips over 2 years. First trip, right as the project started, entailed having a driver pick me up at the airport with a sign, stay in a nice hotel near the office in Cairo, then after a day or two in the office, a group of people would have a driver to take us the site about 30 miles west of Alexandria right on the Mediterranean Sea. After 9 trips, I would grab a taxi at the airport to a guest house and then either ride with a co-worker to site or take the train to Alexandria and have someone pick us up. So got more comfortable over time – but this was all pre-9/11.

On once my of trips, the family came and we stayed with a co-worker and visited many of the same sites as Sharon and I had visited in 1994. They had kids the same age and knew all the shortcuts of Expats….first stop was the Pyramids and then the Egyptian Museum. The kids all had some shade of blond hair so they stood out. Photo credit to Sharon for her scrapbook from 20 years ago, she even had tickets stubs. I have a separate post on my trips to Alexandria.


Annelise and I heading to climb the Great Pyramid

Egyptian Museum

My co-worker Renato and I had to headed to Alexandria for work and everyone else stayed back – they took a Nile Cruise.

(This was written during the Great Shutdown of 2020. My memory isn’t this good, used internet searches to fill in a lot of holes. If there’s huge fat foot below me, it not my fault – that an advertisement I can’t control).


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