Week 86 – Bangkok & Singapore

After working 40 hours after 5pm Friday and 10PM Monday, proposal done and I was off first thing Tuesday morning to Bangkok for an industry conference. Or a conference center 30 miles from Bangkok. Would be like going on a business trip to Washington DC and spending the entire time in Frederick and except for going into town for a supplier event and back to our hotel late at night. Nothing special about it and the conference center had about 20 restaurants in the food court and none served Thai food (I know – it is just food to them) and I only ate Thai food once. The supplier event was a nice boat ride – pretty much same as Sharon, the girls, and I did a year ago except that I was discussing the logistics of distributed combined-cycle power generation using small-scale regasifiers on islands in South East Asia. The highlight was in leaving afterwards, unrelated to the event a Beatles tribute band was playing. They were great and invited people up on stage with them –and sounded just like them.

Site of the Erawan shrine exposion a couple of weeks ago. Very close to my hotel – not much damage but a lot of people were here.
Grand Palace

Went to Singapore for some more business meetings and then went out with my team and a recruiter who had been contracting me through linkedin. For having a reputation as a serious/business only city, it was much more lively than I expected and Club Street compares to Itaewon. He introduced me to his fellow recruiter and they claimed we had met – but couldn’t make the connection until they said “you’re the guy wearing sunglasses on his linked in picture”. I might need to change that.

Marina Bay Sands and other sites downtown

Toured during the day Saturday – really beautiful city and it is literally a city in a garden. Met Peter and Christina and some other expats for dinner at a hawker market, a low key neighborhood food market which was mayhem for the dinner hour but fun. Exchanged stories of the “IKEA visit” which is a rite of passage for expats anywhere trying to outfit small apartments with cheap furniture.

Food market where I met with Peter and Christina

I was planning on heading from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, but I had to come back to Korea for a work issue – but coming back will make this upcoming weekend in Los Angeles easier to handle….the flight from Jakarta to LA via Seoul was over 20 hours travel time. Now just a short 11 hour flight there.”

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