Week 106 –Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

“Simply incredible. Only the Pyramids had more of a wow factor than the ruins around Angkor Wat. Actually the temples near Angkor Wat were more impressive – Angkor Wat was discovered and cleaned up and maintained while the other areas were left for nature to overgrow. I had signed up to run a half-marathon here in 2014 but cancelled because I would not have made the 3 hour cutoff.

Accommodation and logistics worked out great here….small hotel that arranged airport and bus transfers and I booked my tuk-tuk to tour the temples from there as well. Siem Reap a great little town as well – even had a visa cash advance place which gave me enough cash to make it to Singapore eventually.

Included in the pictures is a map of the area – very impressive complex and spread out over a large area. A lot of the complex is dedicated to water management through a series of moats and lakes to store water from the rainy season and save it for irrigation during the remainder of the year. Another culture with an impressive civilization from 1,000 years ago that seems to have disappeared. Lots of pictures attached.”

From Week 106 –Siem Reap/Angkor Wat. Posted by JC Travels on 2/08/2016 (17 items)

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