Week 488 – Cliffs of Moher

Our AirBNB in Limerick was a bit different – it started off with the host sending a link to go pre-pay the electricity. After I whined, he said he’d do it and I could pay later (it was 10 Euros) and sent me a code to enter into a key pad as you entered the unit. Then all of the hot water needed turned on from either a gas water heater or a electric tankless water heater (neither worked well). The place wasn’t that old either – maybe 20 years old and the furniture was in pretty good shape. But after a bit we suspected that it was a council flat – so that was a first for me. It also was some distance from the city center and we had to Uber into town.

Another surprise on our Uber ride home – our driver was providing a bit of a tour and he said he had moved to Limerick 24 ago from Malaysia and it was now home. Then he pointed out his old office – he was previously the deputy mayor and was now running for mayor – he usually did two fares a day – one into work and one home.

The next morning we did a quick walking tour and, as Terry advised us, a crowd was gathering for the big hurling game of Limerick vs Cork as we were leaving town.

We headed out to the Cliffs of Moher in later morning – we decided for a boat ride then go to the official national park. Both were excellent but the boat pictures don’t do it justice. In between we had lunch in a small town called Doolin. After we went to the national park, we were driving south to investigate if there was additional access – and there was. Similar to the Kerry Cliffs, a farm that charged to park and hike out to the cliffs provided great views. Another glorious day and we headed to Galway about 3 hours later than planned.


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