Week 492 – Sydney

The biggest difference between Melbourne and Sydney is that I know a lot more people in Sydney. There was a convergence of people in Sydney from my company in Asia-Pacific and I was over for some meetings and was able to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while – even some from Maryland that are now working in Sydney on Metro or Airport projects. So more social time in Sydney in a couple of days than in Melbourne for a couple of weeks. So between work and “catch up” time, I only had about a ½ day to walk around Sydney Harbour and over the harbour bridge– but it was spectacular weather. I didn’t do the Bridge Walk – maybe next time but pretty expensive and the view isn’t that much better than the free areas.

Melbourne and Sydney are huge rivals – and most people that I know in Sydney are either from Sydney or adopted Sydney and really sad for me that I had to live in Melbourne. I heard things such as:

• How do you cope with the cold?

• The beaches are shite

Truth be told – it was 10 degrees warmer in Sydney on that particular day – and the difference between 58 and 68 matters. And another vote in Sydney’s favor is that there is no iconic landmark in Melbourne – in Sydney there are two, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. But since I will be a loyal Melburnian, I do have to point out that Melbourne was rated the 3rd most livable city in the world, while Sydney was way down in 4th. Also – the original name for Melbourne was “Batmania” – after one of the founders John Batman…another positive for Melbourne.

Reality is that they are both pretty nice….but it was pretty chilly this week in Melbourne.

Update on AFL teams and St. Kilda

• Ex-OSU Cowboy Baskeball player Mason Cox plays for Collingworth. But they a reputation as rowdy fans – beating up supporters of other team (like the Eagles). But they are under consideration. And they are in second right now.

• I mentioned that I might live in St. Kilda to a couple of native Melbournians – both said “they’ve got rid of most of the red light district – but still a lot of hippies” – so maybe re-thinking that decision. We’ll visit a bit before locking down a long stay.

Heading back to the USA and going to Branson for my mom’s BDay and coming back mid-July.


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