Week 120 – Germany and Poland

First sign we saw on our walk in Lubin – My host said first time he had seen it in years

Again most of week was work focused, out the door at 7am (at the latest) and finishing dinner after 10pm with different hotel every night. Generally not aware you are in Europe except for a couple free hours in Lubin Poland and a late afternoon in Berlin followed by a working dinner with an old friend.


My first trip to Poland – landed in Wroclaw and immediately went to Lubin. Lubin is a coal/silver mining town where we are completing an energy plant – the purpose is to keep the mine cool. A mine that goes for 30 miles underground horizontally. Apparently keeping the mine cool is a relatively new concept- used to work in above 100F conditions in Soviet times.

Raw meat and egg – mixed with onions and relish – not too bad

My host was great – he was in his early 40’s and he was happy with the post-communist economy, but some longed for the guaranteed job for life even if it meant less freedom and the quality of life has improved for most – not remembering the downside. Had a walk around town before dinner and saw some of the town. He and my other work colleague asked me to explain Bernie and Donald – the discussion spilled over more than one beer and a potato vodka shot for the others after eating raw meat.

A bad 54 years for Lubin
Soviet era buildings. Brightly painted now
Southwest Polish countryside nice


I was last in Berlin about 15 years ago, unlike Munich which hadn’t changed much during last 15 years, Berlin was a totally different place. Had 3 hours to whip through the DDR experience and walk to Checkpoint Charlie. Each merits more time – but Checkpoint Charlie and the Wall Museum the best.

Central planning and fashion
View from West to East
Looking from East Berlin across Checkpoint Charlie
Many devices on display to escape East Berlin at the Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie
A portion of the wall still standing – I was happy to see that the piece of the wall I bought 15 years ago has appricated in value 3-4%.
New area of East Berlin
Little crappy East German Cars for tourist to rent
Branderburg Gate
Bernie will be added to this group
Berlin cathedral
Bayern Munich at food court on way to Champions League semis – stood in line to get their own food. Good with the fans – that is Ribery.
Glamorous life of international travel. I noticed about 5 A380’s lined up from the middle east and southeast Asia as we came into the terminal but didn’t connect the dots it would impact me. About 500 people per plane and all damn foreigners like me. About 1.5 hrs in the line. Immediately applied for UK Global Entry.

Taxi back to hotel could have been problem with a dead phone and the taxi driver was the only person I met on trip that didn’t speak English – but I remembered I was on “Rohrdamm” and he got me there. Fortunately Rohr is a name on both sides of the family so I remembered it. Of course when we get there he says “oh Holiday Inn – yes I know it” No, no you don’t.

Did have sad news as I got a text from Annelise of tragedy with her friends – could have been any of our kids and a reminder to prioritize what is important.”

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