Week 121 – Iceland

Iceland & Athens – sounds much more intense than actual life. Iceland was a stopover on the way back from Europe (travel logistics below) that lowered my airfare by 50% while Athens is Athens GA. Happy to be picking up Bobo.

Arrived late on Friday night from London and Sharon had flown the red-eye from the USA the prior night – just 1 hour further from DC than LAX. We had 1.5 days and did the quick tour of the south west corner of the island – the “Golden Circle” and the Blue Lagoon for a day and visited fjords and the tallest waterfall in Iceland for the other ½ day before heading to airport. It is just below the arctic circle, so it was a bit brisk still.

The Golden Circle –

Gullfoss Waterfall, Þingvellir National Park, Strokkur Geyser, and Kerið Crater Lake

At Gullfoss – it was brisk with the spray
View of the second falls and canyon
Þingvellir National Park – where two plates come together
Volcanos on landscape
Strokkur Geyser – goes off about every 4-5 minutes. Bubble builds before eruption – I got this from the internet as I never could get the bubble.
A couple of seconds after bubble
Kerið Crater Lake

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a manmade attraction that uses the wastewater from a geothermal power plant – PFD attached for those interested in the process. Basically too much water to get rid of, so it was discharged into a lava field and people figured out it was a nice spa. So it was then commercialized and is very nice.


Apparently Reykjavik a big party town and although we had a great location, by 10pm Saturday night I was falling sleep after a long week. We then did a drive north of Reykjavik looking for a waterfall….nice scenery but too long of hike.

Main Street
Hallgrimskirkja (the church of Hallgrimur)

End of the road – the tallest waterfall in Iceland a 3 hr walk from here. The description left that out.
Fjords and mountains
Black lava beach
Sharon picture over Greenland – glacier

Travel logistics – I did a stopover on Icelandic Air….no extra charge. Always thought about it but only acted when my normal United/BA options was priced way high. Original plan was a .5 day stopover by myself and take a driven tour – but my trip was extended so I was stopping over on the weekend and added a day. Highly recommend if taking a Europe trip from east coast to consider if you have the time and a good way to deal with jet lag. Sharon came on WOW airlines – although last minute ticket more expensive than I would have like, you can buy in advance for under $500 round trip to Iceland and back from BWI.”

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